Diary Dates 2017/2018

St Andrews Christmas Tree Festival: Saturday 9th December, 1pm 

This will mainly involve our younger children but some of our older students will lead them. I will let you know ASAP if this involves your child. Students involved heavily in the Eastbourne Music and Arts Festival will probably not be involved in this but all students are invited to decorate the tree if they wish to.

Eastbourne Music and Arts Festival 2018: 10th-13th February at The Causeway School

Some groups will be chosen to compete in this festival. If your child would like to perform a solo or duet in the festival please contact me about this individually and I will enter them. Please bear in mind that if your child is doing a solo or duo piece they will need private lessons that cost £12 for a half hour session or £6 each if sharing a session with a duo partner.

April 2018: LAMDA exams. Children do not have to take LAMDA exams. Please let me know if your child doesn’t wish to as soon as possible as we start to work on pieces for this from September.

Our 5th Year Festival: Robin Around The World

This will take place at the EODS centre on the 7/8th July. There will be four performances at 2pm and 5pm on both days and an open mic night for the students and their families at 7pm on the Sunday. A raffle for charity and we will be selling food from around the world. Our whole group will be divided into 4 groups and will each get to perform in one of the shows. As there will be less students in each show, the students will each get to showcase more of their work including festival and exam pieces if they wish too. The Festival will celebrate our 5 years and focus on plays, music and characters from countries around the world. We have decided to do a show at The Hippodrome every other year.

Reminder about Fees

I have had to make some payment changes for the next academic year September 2017. I have not put my prices up for 4 years but due to hire charges at all venues I have had to put up my fees to £6 for an hour session.

Fees will be paid 6x week termly for ALL venues. This includes the EAD.


£36 for all students EXCEPT Under 9’s Friday 3.45-4.30pm: £33 (£5.50 for their shorter session), Over 13’s Girls Friday 7.15-8.45: £42 (£7 for their longer session).

I’m afraid I am going to have to get stricter about payment as this year I received too many wrong cheques, and some very late payments and in a few cases no payment. Some groups have started charging late payment, I really don’t want to do this, its not in my or our groups nature, so please be respectful and follow the steps below.


TERM 1: 11TH SEPTEMBER by BACS OR handed to me in cash on the first lesson of each term. NO CHEQUES AS I AM STILL GETTING WRONG TITLE ON THE CHEQUE.




SC: 07 02 46

AN: 29616658